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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It's official (link?)?

If it's official as in you have been told, you're only about 12 months behind
Haha ! no link...I recall that rumour 12 months ago none left/to be sold in 2010...perhaps what is arriving at shops being sold this year is left over inventory ? so yup, your right. The Walther export manager had a chat with the shop owner, so Its info coming to me as 2nd hand info !

The news I got means, thats it- hasta la vista baby ! ie: no more parts to assemble in any serious number any LG300s. Perhaps we are talking about a dozen factory guns left ? AND at the same timje, Walther is pulling the plug on "LG300" as a discontinued line of 10m rifles, overtaken by the new marketing of the LG400 ?

I said something like that in one of my speculative threads as to why I did notice some price drops in Germany regarding spares & complete LG300 rifles going for 10/15% cheaper recently...

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