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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
For sure the LG400 could be turned into a top line FT gun it is not a lot different to the 300 . There are plenty of sharp minds that could solve the problems, be the first to buy and convert one.
Well, had thought of it already ! BUT, am actually waiting for March or April when TESRO introduces their 1st FT airgun to the market ! (based on a French Tesro shop/agent confirmation - but NOT factory confirmed) ...failing that if it doesnt happen by May or June, I'll have a famous guru check out the innards & guts of the LG400...problem is that It could be an expensive mistake ie: Cant be done, then what am I supposed to do with a 10m gun ? use it as a paper weight ?

If TESRO does introduce their FT rifle, methinks a lot of Walther fans may simply take the plunge and start using these, as the 2 alutec rifles look so similar in design; remains to be seen if they are up to your expectations in terms of performance, on par with the LG300, or surpass it...

Tesro COULD be the one to keep an eye on in the future on the FT Walther's regret ???

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