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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Took the EV2 mark 1 out today for a few lanes in -3C and a 10mph east wind running right to left. Pellets fly a tad lower when the air temp is close to the dewpoint anyway, so I was aiming top of kill for the longest ones and they were going down.

What was noticeable was the amount of wind drift, which was a bit more than I would have given on a warmer day, and that must be down to the denser air.
That's good info for a novice like me Rich. I've been getting frustrated this last couple of weekends chasing the zero. I'd blamed everything from my shooting inconsistencies, springer still settling down after a rebuild and finally started to doubt the integrity of the 2nd hand scope I recently started using.

It's always good to glean bits of information. You may of saved my sanity.
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