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Default Batch weights

7.7 is ridiculously low to be honest, that is 0.7 grains under what you would expect them to be. Worst I ever had was 7.9 with Select pellets.

Thing is if you for instance have a small amount of light pellets and set your zero etc with them, when you use a pellet that little bit heavier you would be suprised how much diferrent it will be. Sadly people think into it too much.

I batch my pellets into weights as follows 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 etc, so I know I can put the same weight through the barrel at the same time. If I change from one extreme to the other, I will check the shots on the boards and see how much of a difference the variation in the weight has caused and rectify as I go along. Simple way of doing it really if you ask me. My batch that I have had for the last 2 years have been great for my rifles and all I do is weigh my pellets nothing else.

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