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Default Price comparison

[QUOTE=NJR 100;48060]Haha, there again you are wrong. I had one of the first nick prem ret lups in 1990, all set up by the man himself. Wayne sealey and i went and had tea with the man and his family while it was done. Good day out.
Think the scope (6-20) was 850, but that was 1990. So I guess it was expensive but still not in march terms.


Lets work this out in comparison eh. You paid 850 for 20 mag. Well times that by 4 to make 80 mag (March) and that works out as 3,400. That is a fair bit more than the March scope haahaahaahaa....

Plus the March isnt mass produced like the Leups so as Jon says will all be spot on fella.

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