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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
Hi i know we have the likes of Chairgun , but no matter how i use it or fugde the numbers i can not get them to line up with the real world on paper. But i stuck my numbers into and i have to say they what it spat out line up with what i get on paper . Has anyone else tryed this one.
Is that Brad Troyer's online calculator? For some reason he seems to have blocked the ISP I am using from access to his site.

I have used his STP for a while and it is generally more useful than CG, in that it is a simpler interface, and prints out nicely by comparison.

CG3 relies on the measurement of your scope height being taken AT THE MUZZLE, rather than where the scope sits, and this causes a yard or so difference at your zero distance, and there will be an anomaly until you realise what is going on. Even then you gotta tweak things if you have a tilted rail, and compare against your own proved trajectory to get near to accurate results in CG. What's the point then????

I don't like or use the "predictive" types of software. There's only one time honoured way of doing things, and that is to record ACTUAL trajectory by shooting it.

I'll use software that "interpolates and exterpolates" data that I have actually proven to be correct on the firing range, but not "stab in the dark" software that uses weights measures and voodoo.

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