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Default Not just a thought ...

Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

Or maybe should we start calling you,

Mandy, where did the original thought of this thread come from? Just wanted to know as not one person has ever thought about this topic in all the years I have ben shooting???

Just thought Id ask our little Norwegian petal heehee...


The thought has been brewing for a while. As you're all aware, we pride ourselves on keeping an informative website which has recorded all previous World's. One of the pictures missing here ... is Davinia's. Then I thought Duh ? I wonder ? Has BFTA's commitee checked ? What is the BFTA's ruling ? ... but found nothing ! .... and that, Gerty, is why I started asking. Unfortunately, nobody within the WFTF as yet, has answered my question .... here's a paragraph or two from the epost ...

3) The WFTF must have a defined strategy regarding Men in the Women's class and vice versa (!).

a) Because a shooter has man-boobs, long hair, wears eyeshadow, lipstick, chanel no.5 and likes donning a frock, doesn't qualify him for "women's class".
b) Does the tadger have to go in order for the competitor to be classed as a woman ? .
c) There again, if a woman has a sewn-on (not strap-on) tadger (that's *****..for our colleagues who are not so familiar with english slang..) then that really has no impact on entering the open class, as we don't have a men's class, though would assumedly close the door for entry in the women's class.
d) How do we reinforce an eventual ruling ? Identity parade's are obviously out of the question, so some form of doctor's statement would be necessary ....

Looking forward to your response .

Hope this answers your question ;0)

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