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Default Thankfully I dont excuses

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Now there i disagree, as when Robs Narch shifted in +30 at sywell 100 this year the mk4 was still spot on. You may well be eating your words come the "summer" Berty. If we have one!

The march is very nice, range finds supurbly but is way too heavy and overpriced.

I bet you ask Nat not to throw the turkey foil out lol
Maybe Simon,

But I truly doubt it, it didnt do me bad at Nelson the other week did it, 28 and 26 when closest to me was a 23 with lads who have had their set ups running for a while. That was the warmest day that the scope had been out. It hasnt shifted at all thankfully.

The scopes are very expensive but then I am pretty sure the old Leup Mk4 was 1250ish 15+ years ago, so on the grand scheme of things it isnt that far out really. Just shows you never bought a Leup new Simon you tight sod haahaa.....

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