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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Im sure our Davinia was a damn close friend of yours Holly, you always went to the back of her van when she was there, before she found her current partner.

True i was lured into her van with offer of food . BUT i managed to escape with my virginity intact . yes she won the ladies world champs in ireland i believe . she is loved up with a young lady at the mo and seems very happy . get an e-mail now and again from her . got a good storie about dav . well her camper actually . it was at the europeans . me and clarky ( her true love ) were in my old camper van . parked up about ten yards from her van . anyway a lad came over to me and said , i think some one is in davs van . we had been told about looking out for thieves at the breifing . i am an east end lad and i cannot abide tea leaves . so gets my 1932 morris starting handle and goes over to the tent .gets hold of the tent flap . then whips it back ready to catch the thief . low and behold it a VERY comely young lady getting changed . all she had on was a G string . luckily her back was to me . so i quickly shut the flap and beat a retreat . old clarky was gutted he had not gone . Ohwerrrrrrrrr Missus ??? HOLLY
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