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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

I like your style honestly, luckily unlike yourself I will only need 1 gun and scope combination to last me.

I dont need to buy in several guns and scopes and try to find the right on for me fella haahaa..

I dont think Ill be needing the Bacofoil, due to intense weather conditions ive tested my scope from -6C to +8c and it has moved half a yard on close distances upto 30 yds and is still bang on after that. Wonder if your Leup's are that good Holly. I doubt it as Ive owned them all and they werent that good fella...

Berty it is the nut behind the trigger that makes the differnce . ( no bigger nut than me ) but you just know all us lads will be waiting to see if you fall flat on your face with the march ? and then the gloating will start . " i told him he would not get anywhere with that *** crap . should have stuck with the austrian crap . american crap and so on endlessly . pressure is bulding mate . me i am gonna stick with mr lupe . looking forward to it . ??? HOLLY
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