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Originally Posted by peadar_911 View Post
Hi Pete

Mine developed a small leak on the actual cylinder end during the summer. I only found the leak by dousing the cylinder and action in soapy water. I had to bleed the system down, remove the end of the cylinder (the bit the filler valve screws into) clean and recoat the "O" rings with silicon grease and reassemble. This isn't a job that everyone would be happy to tackle, and it may not not even be the problem on your rifle.

I have also removed the AT, so was able to strip the gun completely, ensuring that no water was left where it shouldn't be.


PS It wont affect your MV unless the pressure drops below what you normally shoot at.
Bit peeved at no shooting this weekend so took another look at the leak now down to 110. Put some washing up liquid around the barrel ring area as Pete suggested and low and behold tiny bubbles. Have stripped it down for a clean, fingers crossed. Thanks for your help Pete.
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