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You may well laugh............

We had this exact situation arise at a National shoot, no dramas, all was treated as if it was any other day, and any other "member".

We determined that after all, participation was more important than gender, race, religion, as long as they were a ***** fide "member" of a shooting club.

Post op only is allowed as entered gender, although there4 are no "hard" rules in writing, we leave it up to the Match Director on the day to have the final say. Any testing of "equipment" for compliance is their responsibility.

One or two individuals were derogatory in remarks occasionally, but we make sure everyone is treated as welcome, and people with an attitude problem are the ones usually turned away. Humour is always a great ice breaker in uncomfortable situations...........

TBH some of our woman shooters are a darn sight better than us men, so any man dressing up as a woman looking for an advantage is well out of luck!


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