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No Gerty ... oops...I mean Berty, nobody over here has registered, or considered a sex change. Mind you, at minus 12 anything that isn't properly covered would drop off, leaving the previous owner with no choice. What if, in theory, an unknown turned up at a shoot in a frock, but with a 5 o'clock shadow. Would you be prepared to accept the entry in the ladies class because he's wearing a nice little number from Chelsea girl" ? or would you demand proof even though the entrant had a BFTA card as Ms. As Steve has pointed out, or indeed if you have a look through the internet, this is more common than any of us realise. And, with todays technology, it's nearly as easy an operation as stuffing a christmas turkey. I suggest we need a ruling for this. In Norway we prove this by writing our name in the snow in yellow ink - easy for a bloke
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