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Default Variation

The barrels vary with each one. Some like to be cleaned very regularly (after every tin of pellets), others dont need to be cleaned at all.

My old Ripley AR5 never needed the barrel to be cleaned. I owned the gun for a number of years and dont think I ever cleaned the barrel.

When I set up my Walther as it was practically brand new, I cleaned the barrel after every 200 shots initially after a few times then i cleaned it after every tin shot through it.

My EV2's dont seem to be as fussy to be honest. I do clean the barrel but it will tell you when it needs it as the groupings you will find are not as good as they should be.

During the Summer time with all the big comps I am more likely to clean the barrel every couple of weeks in between say GP's etc. So I know that it is ready and leaded up for the comps then.

Try it out now that you have cleaned it and see what its like...

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