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Default Was it yourself who told me heehee

Originally Posted by Matt View Post

As Berty says speak to the manufacturers rather than a the UK distributor - think I gave this advice to Berty?

Reading your response to my questions I would ask again what has hte team done? If all the results you have are from 2 individual shooters then I would be more inclined to sponsor them than a team.

If you want any help or advice send me an email and I'll see if I can help.



You sure it was you who told me haahaa. Chris, Matt is right and it is from info and advice that people such as Matt and Ian Harford has passed onto myself has helped in speaking to Manufacturers to see what they would be willing to look into for teams etc.

You must have something to give them in return for anything they may supply or give to help with sponsoring the team. This might be simple things such as team profiles for magazine articles, putting up banners for them at shoots to help with advertising their products etc.

Manufacturers dont want to give anything away for free and we need to listen to them and help them out for us to get the help we are looking for. This is something that I have learned from experience over the last year and I am learning more and more all the time. The Manufacturers are superb people and trust me when you speak to them they are willing to help us. With regards to clothing speak direct to Steyr and see what they are willing to do.

Dont ask for tonnes of items, just ask them what would they like from sponsoring the team and explain that you are looking for team clothing to promote their rifles when at local, national and International competitions. They will see various pics of this as the season goes along. It is a start but we all have to start somewhere.

Hope that helps fella.

As Matt said if you want any advice then PM me and Ill send you my number fella...

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