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Default Snooker format

The format is quite simple to use.

We have 2 racks, 1 is a 5 shot rack with 5 x 30mm kills and a 10 rack with the kills going from 45mm down to 8mm.

The 5 rack is the reds and the 10 rack is painted through the snooker colours. there is 2 yellows 2 greens 2 browns and 2 blues, there is then 1 pink and 1 black shot.

How we work it is, you have 5 shots standing at the reds, if you hit all 5 then you get a full 10 shots kneeling at the colours. If you miss a colour, you can opt to shoot it again or carry on along the colours.

If you hit say 4 colours, then you have 4 shots at the colours and you can choose which colours you want to shoot at.

The smaller the kill on the colours obviously the higher the score. We look at if you shoot say the black which is worth 7 points you cant go for the black again but would then opt for the pink etc.

The highest break possible is 46, we set out the racks at 30 yards which seems to be the right distance. jack has got the highest break in the comp with a 33 and a 39, no one has got close to that to be honest.

It seems to work and the lads thoroughly enjoy shooting it Chris. We also run the silo's through the summer to give the lads something else to concentrate on for standing etc.

Hope thats easy to understand though and follow...

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