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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

As someone who has been fairly fortunate when asking for sponsorship in the past I have a couple of questions:

What are you wanting from Steyr?

What has the team given Steyr in return?

Who approached Steyr on behalf of the team, Does the team have a manager as such? Also how was the approach made?


ask mr preston if we could get any sponar ship like hats or tee shirts or even to pay the fee 10 a shoot for team etc,we do not hav a manager at the moment i woz considering doing it now karl has finished,all i done i sent a email to mr preston ask would he like to back us in the 2011 gp.s we have had the past 2 years aa champs won with a steyr and we are going to put a team in but had a reply that steyr uk is not in a postion to sponar at this moment in time,the team would advertise steyr with hats etc,
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