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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Chairgun thinks otherwise. About 7.5 inches drop at full chat compared to a little over 10 inches, that's comparing 12 fpe with 8.4 grain against 20 fpe with 10.5.

Regardless, a bonus point idea would penalise the high power guys, and it would be a challenge to see how little power you could actually employ and still achieve good scores.
had 1/2 reasonable ones running at 10.5 ft-lb with mozzies for a season... qualified anyway. The 6ft-lb guys in hungary were dropping them as well.

where i think speed makes a bigger difference is on reducers out to 35, rarely have to give outside for wind... normally give them too much if i do anyway. It's also rare to have the wind as predicted... chairgun says 6" for 10mph side on at 55... been in stronger winds and still not given that, but then who shoots on a rising breeze?

dont think it makes that much difference as you say, but in the heads of someone that's being beaten by someone perceived as cheating i think it would
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