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I read this post, maybe I did not understand everything, but it is an issue that has been much discussed in Italy too.

Now we have a 2.5% tolerance on speed, which is the measured value.

For those with a scientific approach is easy to see that tolerance is the only sustainable and scientifically acceptable method to account for errors and inaccuracies inherent in any measurement, and for this reason it is adopted.

In our case, the tolerance is also used to offset any current problems or situations that might generate contestations difficult to manage in real time, going so far as to distort the outcome of the race.

No contestation is possible if you exceed the tolerance.

What has not been easy was to make it understand to everyone

Even in Italy as in Hungary the max speed for the JSB Exact 0.547 g. including the tolerance limit is 250 m/s.

Over this limit the shooter take part at contest, but do not enter in the result.


Sorry for my google-english
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