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Default why do we chrono

May be a daft question but why do we chrono?
Is it to make sure that everyone takeing part is legal and above board or is it to see if people are cheating?
I personally don't think cheating would come into it, after all it's not like were competing for thousands of pounds worth of prizes.
I shot with a fine young man this summer that was missing targets very high,he missed quite a few then knocked 6 clicks off every distance.
His chrono reading was way over, but he had completed the coarse and then was chronoed .
I would say that his attitude towards the coarse did not give me the feeling that he was there to cheat ,he was just enjoying the coarse even though he had missed quite a few.
If it's for legal reasons then i think we should be checked before we fire a shot on the plinking let alone a 50 target coarse.
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