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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
How would you approach pellet weight?
I would think that the pellet scales would be used to confirm that the weight you are say they 'should' be is correct. By having the person weigh and then put it into the breech ensures that there is no 'change' in the pellet i.e. a heacy used instead of a light pellet.

Its the trust thing. If someone says to me the pellet is xxx make and xx wieght then I would accept it. The checking of the weight, it would have helped me a few years ago when I managed to mix a couple of 7.9 Premiers along with my usual JSB's. Had a bit of a shock when I fired to through the chrono at the velocity was a bit high. Visually checked the next pellet I grabbed to see it was a premier as well.

Looked into my pellet pouch and saw 3 more in there as well, removed them and checked the rest before moving on from the chrono area..
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