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There must be variables we could look into, personally Im not technically minded but there are alot of people who are out there involved in the sport.

With regards to issues arising such as chrono testing, when we have the meetings, someone with knowledge is more than welcome to be at the meeting and pass their views to then sort out the issue.

I have said it countlessly for people to attend the meetings if they have any ideas or want to speak about specific issues. The issue would have to be put through your representative for it to be added to the agenda and then we can discuss it.

I liked the idea of weighing the pellets etc (like in Hungary) and then the marshall loading the rifle that the shooter was still holding before firing it over the chrono. Would a weighing scales have to be calibrated annually as well then?

We all enjoy the sport and if we all helped out with particular issues then the sport would only benefit.

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