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Not to self. Even a simple question opens a HUGE can of worms.

As I have said I run my Ripley around 30fps below the maximum because that is my preference. With regards the pellets most of us will agree that the pellets are not exactly the weight they are supposed to be, there will always be variations in weight.

Until such times as the pellet manufacturers can consistantly get the pellets the same weight then I feel having a slightly lower maximum limit:-
  1. Allows for pellet variation. Do not think that anyone would go through tins of pellets to get them all the same to be used for a checking rifles over the chrono.
  2. Variations in the different chronos
  3. Light and temperature has been know to affect the chrono's

My original question was really to if the UKAHFT do anything similar to the BFTA with regards maximum velocity and this was answered in the 2nd post. I think next time I need answers like this I will contact a UKAHFT representative via PM.
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