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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
If it means the BFTA buying 2 new sets of say Skan pro chronos and buying new say for instance a peli case designed to carry both to shoots then it would only benefit the shooters who do attend the shoots.
Thats still a lot of shooters, but it is also about the credibility of the BFTA as the organisation that regulates Field Target in the UK, so in the end it benefits all Field Target shooters.

From the Skan website:"
The SKAN PRO1 Series 3 is the very latest in CHRONO technology designed to give the user a professional and reliable unit capable of accurate velocity measurement

Designed especially for air weapons, each CHRONO is individually calibrated to a master CHRONO with ISO 9001/9003 certification.

The certification of the SKAN master CHRONO was carried out by the HOME OFFICE FORENSIC SCIENCE LABORATORY with calibration traceable to N.P.L. (National Police Laboratory)

Just a thought!
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