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Holly I have to say I disagree totally with the line that it doesn't matter if the chrono is right or wrong. It matters absolutely and fundamentally. What is the point of anyone spending a week preparing their rig, happy that it is in their view comfortably within the limit, as tested on their own chrono which they know is kosher, only to be DQ'd having driven 200 miles to take part in a shoot, DQ'd by a non-certified chrono.

Now I am a relative unknown on the GP circuit, I don't travel outside the region, so if I arrived and my gun measures hot I am dismissed. But somebody as well known and high profile as you for example, you turn up and your gun is hot, let's say for example Rob's gun measures hot, so does Berty's for example, not suggesting they would but it's to illustrate the point, when three or more big names are sent off then someone is going to say, hey, that is odd, maybe the chrono is a bit dicky today, let them shoot after all. Too late in my case, I've started the 200 mile trek home.

No no no, if there is to be a chrono there at all it HAS to be accurate and it HAS to have a valid calibration certificate. If the organisers can't provide that then don't play at testing.
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