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I did not use the NJR sunday .to many things to do on it . the lifter underneath was never exactly to my taste . so that has been changed for a Daystate lifter . the old butt pad has been changed for a anshutz butt hook . i may change the scope over for a Big Nikko yet , dunno . the sitters are no problem with it . just the standers . i will try it sat and maybe use it to shoot our christmas shoot . this sunday if i can get it up to speed . this old NJR has been in continual developement since it was made . it may just be the ultimate NJR . gotta say it would be nice to kick the pie mans *** with it . him using the EV2 an all .what is it they say ? "revenge is a dish best served cold" ??? HOLLY
PS what did suprise me was that after all the time the rifle has been out of use . is that when firing it you can see the pellet hit clear as day through the old MK lupe . nothing unusual about that you might say . but the MK4 has a very tight field of view . normally i only get a glimpse of the pellet bouncing back off the kill .but with the NJR i can see it in the last second of it's flight and bouncing back . now that shows quality .
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