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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
It's not uncommon for manufacturers to change spec slightly without having to make a public announcement, Leupold have done it 3 times to my knowledge with the EFR's , I owned all 3 spec's.

Obvious Differences were finish, objective O/D (with the same size lens) and thread pitches.

These manufacturing & technical differences are no big deal really and certainly not grounds for casting aspersions.
Not casting aspersions Dave, fact is on one scope I have to set the parralax at 40yds the other at 23yds, the turrets don't really bother me because neither of them are used for hunting so they remain centered, but one is marked the other is not. No I'm not the only person that has noticed the difference and no I'm not removing my scopes to check serial numbers 3 days before the Anglo I would point out that I am very happy with both scopes, I'm just more happy with the parralax set at 23yds
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