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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Bit of a classic FT shindig in the offing? Do i get my old NJR (which is currently languishing in a rarely used HFT role) scoped and set up good and proper, or my RN10 which although has a modern stock on it, dates to 1996-97?
Just my thoughts on it . but i can shoot the old rifles . what i have trouble with is the old scopes .really today you are spoilt for choice . when i think of the amount of dodgy scopes i went through in my time i shudder to think of it . even some of the good ones i did not gel with . i sold rob my old deben . it technically was spot on . but somehow it just did not do it for me . the comp X i have now is a disaster really . i buggered up the sidewheel . the top turrets bind when used quickly . but it is so easy to use . least for me . maybe not for you . but there you go ??? HOLLY
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