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Default Kibby xmas shoot/ presentation results

Kibby xmas shoot/ presentation results
What a great season we have had at Kibby this year, with over 170 different competitors taking part in the HFT Open series. We thank you all for your continued support.
Todays comp was our Xmas gamble shoot and proved a fun way to end the season.
Grego Hensman 75
Tony Haas 70
Lloyd Grove 69
The Wife 68
Bruce Marshall 66
David Chapman 66
Bob Farthing 65
Wayne Marriott 65
Nicola Pearson 64
Nigel Smith 64
Phil Russell 64
Andy Tomkins 64
Greg Hensman 63
Telford Redden 62
Andy Wilkinson 62
Bob Skidmore 58
Ricky Downing 57
Neil Price 56
Jamie Chapman 56
Dan 63
Charlotte Tomkins 54
Megan Hensman 53
Craig Seargent 53
Anne Russell 52
Michelle Pullen 51
Craig Kendrick 50
Paul Brittain 46
Jon Roper 38

Steve Whiting 74
Daniel Turner 69
Andy Conroy 64
Mark Thompson 60
Chris Holmes 51
Bob Clay 51
Kathy Thompson 50
Tom Bates 48
Paul Spencer 40
Andy Burrows 38
Dave Pughe 31
Tony Lemon 27

Anthony Marshall 64
Evan Grove 62
Tom Roper 52
Owen Marriott 37
Brad Pughe 23

Overall Places
A Class
1st Dave Chapman
2nd Bob Farthing
3rd Jamie Chapman

B Class
1st Bob Skidmore
2nd Neil Price
3rd Mick Goss Snr

C Class
1st Mark Thompson
2nd Will Gabbott
3rd Kathy Thompson

Marksman Series

1st Bruce Marshall
2nd Greg Hensman
3rd Andrea Marshall

1st Kathy Thompson
2nd Mark Thompson
3rd Craig Kendrick

1st Tom Roper
2nd Luke Kendrick
3rd Brad Pughe

1st Dave Chapman

1st Anne Russell

Open Series

1st Chris Cundey
2nd Bruce Marshall
3rd Andrea Marshall
4th Ricky Downing
5th Neil Price

1st Grego Hensman
2nd Evan Grove
3rd Will Ashby
4th Tom Roper
5th Adam Ward

1st Steve Whiting
2nd Daniel Turner
3rd Kathy Thompson

1st Dave Chapman

1st Anne Russell

Clubman of the Year
Andy Wilkinson
We look forward to seeing you all in 2011.

Pics from the day:

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