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Default Liking the reply Holly

Originally Posted by holly View Post
Berty . you would not understand . your loyalty is to winning . you have the best kit money can buy . BUT it is not the be all end all , winning . there is great fun in trying to get an old rifle and scope up to speed with the modern kit .and if you beat em . OH YES . you have history in your hands . ask nick jenkinson what rifle he would rather shoot from any that is out there and he will say his NJR ??? HOLLY
PS pie man you are going down .
I have got a loyalty to winning Holly that is true, as I dont put all the time and effort in to just compete these days.

I dont compete in any other sport these days really and dont drink smoke or anything else that would take my cash, so if there is something out there that I fancy then what the hell I will get it. Now with the March scope, I had to sell alot of kit off and pul some cash back that I had saved for a rugby tour etc. As I said though, I wanted it so went and got it.

yes I know I am a tackle tart haahaaaa.....

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