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Chris Jones gave me a good tip, to use your ears... feel the breeze on them when it's coming from behind.. seems to work well.

There's always string pulling, if you can match it to other signs so you can use it when your on the shot.

Ciggie smoke... throwing grass etc.

On days that are humid, blowing hard to puff out your cheeks with your mouth closed, then opening your mouth, creates a little bit of visible vapour that lasts for a few seconds.

I often find looking at tree leaves quite baffling unless they're behaving in a blatantly obvious manner...

I've been stumped by windicators, when the wind is behind they can be sucked into a vortex created by your body and give you the complete opposite reading (cost me 3 targets at GP 1 this year)... or trees near to the point can do the same (took me several visits to Weymouth to suss why I had a problem on one lane... a tree 1 foot away from the muzzle)
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