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Originally Posted by Artfull-Bodger View Post
sounds like a hold issue if you have eliminated parralax problems, you have'nt got any part of the butt inadvertantly touching the floor by any chance?

possibly your hand grip is causing the rifle to recoil differently with your elbows on the ground or it could be your fore end hold, I shoot off the top of my fist in all positions to eliminate as much positional shift??

do you see this problem prone unsupported or when prone supported too?
I shoot off a glove off the ground where ever possible, or if its off the peg fore end is just rested on the glove. I have played around with the weight so it seems quite forgiving within an inch or two of where I support with the front hand. It could be something to do with the butt touching but I have allot of layers on at this time of year, sometimes hard to tell Yesterday I seemed to be able to make it happen at 25 yards off the bench by moving my head too far forward, or pushing my head in too tight. Not getting parallax error at this range, only really getting that at 8-12 yards. I have given myself perfect eye relief for prone now, see if that makes any difference. Cheers
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