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Originally Posted by flintlock View Post
Of no help in this instance , but why did you have the original reg changed ?
I suppose in search for consistancy.

The original reg went back to Ripley twice within 6 monthsbso thats when I decided to have a different reg fitted and Nick's was the one I choose. However I ow realise that it was years ago when I changed it and it has performed faultlessly until the last few months I think.

Only reason I say few months is that it was 'playing' up a little before I went on a 2 week holiday and then 3 weeks in Mexico for work to return to do a Winter League shoot the weekend after. So 6 years of working is pretty good in my eyes. My other Ripley is using an original reg and that is now 15 years old and has been serviced 3 times in its life so far, last service being 2009. Only thing that has changed is it went off Premier 7.9s but goes very well with 4.52 JSB's now.
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