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Im having a weird time in the prone position with my hw98. Spent many hours trying to work out why pellets would hit 2 inches left at 45 yards going from sitting to prone. Chasing a zero around. My parallax was too close in so took it out a bit and put low mounts on to try and keep my cheek more consistent. Was starting to worry about cross over but it doesn't seem to be that. Found RWS superfields are as accurate as mozzies in there, but less recoil like JSB to shoot. Spent the whole of saturday in the mud and rain re-checking aimpoints. I am sure now it is cheek position and an effect of recoil. Halfway though the comp doing really well, only dropped a couple of targets. Then started to get pellets 2 inches to the right on 25/30 yard targets Confidence blown missed a few silly ones. But a promising outing if I can work out what is going on.
Have put medium mounts back on and just practicing prone. It seems I can effect the pellet laterally with my cheek position and amount of relief I give the scope. Keep practicing I guess. Good news no problems up and down where I would expect to find trouble. There wasn't any wind btw.
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