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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
I reckon it can be quite hard (expensive and time consuming) to weight accurately to 0.001g. I weighed pellets on a calibrated analytical balance and it took quite some time (glass surround to enclose the sample and waiting for the reading to settle; balance was also very expensive)

Any one tested these the suggested devices against a calibrated balance? I know that the MTM balances often suggested for pellet weighing don't even have the capablility to resolve to 0.1gn.

Any views?

Mine give consistent readings this can be checked against previously weighed pellets. I want groups of pellets within 0.1 of a grain sometimes only .2 of a grain. Not really bothered what they actually weigh so have never cross checked my unit. Certainly seems accurate and quicky produces readings to a 100th of a grain. Will repeat to 100th up or down to this every time if i'm checking the weight. unless the batteries are getting low.
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