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i got a box of 12 tins last week in .22 cal. at random i picked 10 from the tin and each one weighed 14.3gr so the tolerences are ok.
chrono tested them and reset the power on my rangerto suit and went to test them. at 30yds the groups were tighter than im used to using jsb/air arms/ daystate pellets.
all the pellets are one sized head (5.5mm) and one skirt size (5.53mm) the 177 are 4.5mm head and 4.53 skirt. the pellets are bright and shiney and dont give you the grey prem finger of old. i can even pick my hooter now without the giveaway grey nostril ring.
the price is 7.99 for 500 .177 and 10.99 for 500 .22 - included in the price is a shiney new screw top tin which makes the old wilkinson sword edge tins a joke.
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