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Personal experience of sponsership has left good and bad feelings for me personally where my son was involved as many of you know.
Air Arms promissed him sponsership at the early part of last year before the season started and never came good to their word which left me with a very downhearted and disapointed young shooter to deal with.
Then thanks to Tony and the guys at Daystate he got a Mk3 by round 5 of the nationals after which his scores improved dramatically so much so that he finished 2nd in the juniors after a terrible start.

He's doing very well again this year and loves his Daystate which I would have never been able to afford for him at the time so I've got to say to that end that sponsership is a good thing.

A plus side for the sponsers of course is that now both through loyalty and the fact that I've come to reolize in my opinion Daystate are light years ahead of many other manufacturers I now shoot one and recommend the Daystate name whenever I get asked "what is the best rifle to buy".

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