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can give you a brief rundown--
get yourself asmall container to put the parts in,

1,remove front stock screws and screws in front and rear of trigger gaurd
then remove stock, and put it safe well away from where your working.

2, undo the breech bolt locking cap on the right side of the breech (as seen from butt end) and remove along with tensioning spring, then undo the breech bolt, slide the breech out of the jaws unhooking the cocking arm from the shoe and watch for the shims on the breech block , one each side , put them safe

3,you will notice the trigger unit is held in by two pins in the cylinder end cap, simply push the pins out then withdraw the trigger unit and remove the safety and its spring.

4,look at the cylinder end cap you will note four square blocks pressed into the cylinder walls, cut the short end down on a 4mm allen key or similar and pop the two square plugs out by using the allen key in the holes visible where the trigger unit sits then pop the other two out by pushing the long end of the allen key through the holes you just uncovered.

5,note the end cap is now held in place by an indent cut into the tube in which sits a small tag on the end cap, use a spring compressor/sash cramp, or if your strong enoughand have assistance press the cylinder dopwn onto a socket or wood block that allows you to release the spring pressure, then get a helper to unseat the tag from the indent simply by putting a small screwdriver into the gap and giving it a gentle twist, then slowly release the spring pressure and remove the cap, spring guide and spring.

6, last job is to remove the cocking shoe, you will note that you cant get it out without removing the steel liner from the piston, once thats out you can remove the piston and clean it all up!

reassembly is the reverse of above, and be very carefull when refitting the breech shims!

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