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Perhaps possible in a flat field, but our mentioned location is a complete forrest with bushes....
With containers where the targets were placed inside, we also could collect most lead, but not all, what was the condition for the new permission. Not a milligram extra lead allowed, leaving only non-toxic....sad but true. Again, not a choice at free will.
Let's stick to the discussion on good/bad non-toxic pellets, enough info to tell/share
My experience after severe testing:
1) barrel needs to be clean, very clean using non-toxic (tin) pellets.
2) higher pressure regulators perform better, as the (harder) pellet is more difficult to shape inside tthe barrel.
3) polygon barrels perform well now, even on 16J, due to less friction, lube helps also regarding this.
4) Pellet poi drop is heavy between 35 and 50 meters, lighter pellets, very wind sensitive.
5) Grouping is acceptable up to 30-35 meters, beyond this distance it's a lotery.
6) My choice upto now Dynamic SN-1 and PCP-1 (4.46 and 4.50mm) , Baracuda Green, the rest is quite bad.
I'm also very interested in other peoples testing results regarding non-toxic pellets.
I buy them at Sportwaffen Schneider (Germany), they have a large collection non-toxic.
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