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Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
As a small addendum I need to stress out that we ar not forced by governement ruling to start using non-toxic pellets. Our Dutch Field Target Assosiation club, who organise the Dutch national championship, has decided on their own that starting 2011 we need to use ony non-toxic pellets.
Other events, at club level, are not impacted so we can keep using lead pellets.
Think its safe to say this is a non Government initiative Rob.

It should not impact on WFTF Champs in any way,.......... unless in the meanwhile their Govt see this initiative, jump on the bandwagon and make the law change for them because they are voluntarily using non-lead pellets.

Its still too early to make a change to FT pellet specifications on an International or National level to non lead. When a range of good performing pellets comes on stream and is available to every WFTF member Country, then is the time to make a change and not before. I'd say; the year a non lead pellet shooter gets a top three place in the Worlds against lead pellet shooters......., then we are ready.

As the saying goes: give an inch and they will take a mile!


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