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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
That's going to make any World event in Holland a little tricky

I wouldn't think so Rob. WFTF core rules over ride local rules (that are not a legal restriction) and clearly state that:

Any Lead/ lead alloy pellet MAY BE used.

If that is what the WFTF core rules say when NL host, then that is what must be allowed.

Funny,....... when reading around a few of the World's online forums, many are still mystified by that "core rules over ride" concept. Take Italy next year for an example,.....domestically does not allow shooting jackets or clothing, but it WILL have to for the Worlds. Yanks are still debating exactly what that means?????

I think its quite clear, that whatever the WFTF Core Rules are come World Champs in any Country, they over ride any "local rules". Whatever the Core Rules do not cover explicitly is covered by local rules.....

IMHO while "green" pellets are a noble gesture, anyone using them would be disadvantaging themselves, unless the entire WFTF membership changes. I can see that happening. (not)


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