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Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
At least we, in NL, need to use non-toxic (lead) pellets from the start of 2011. Don't know about the UK.
We did testing with these pellets, with some good and bad results, depending on the pellet type.
What we have seen so far is that the Dynamic SN-1 and PCP-1 perform fairly well, at least for HFT distances. The Baracuda Green has tighter grouping but more frequent flyers.
For FT there realy is a challenge as between 40 and 50 meter the grouping is not that well.....
Perhaps as more countries need to start using thesse pellets, the manufacturars will come up wih better types and more pellet headsize choice.
btw, polygon barrels perform well with non-toxic pellets, as these are very hard (tin) and lightweight.
That's going to make any World event in Holland a little tricky
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