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Originally Posted by ascoughc View Post
the stocks not my cup of tea, but i reckon the only reason they are wanting to produce it is because it will cheaper to make rather than the laminate, but there using the excuse of its lighter as the selling point, but i recken they charge u the same if not more for the rifle. this is just my theory so dont anyone bite my head off Plus i got a paul wilson stock for my which seemed alot more comfortable
The poplar stock is an option not a replacement for the laminate stock also i have just had paul wilson make me a stock for another action that i have got. I was shooting with Andrew Gillott a few weeks ago he shot a 35 yard target standing 3 ex3 with the poplar stocked EV2 by his own admission he would not have done that with his own gun as i said before they are not everyone's cup of tea and that is why everyone does not shoot the same make of rifle you may know i shoot for the airarms team but you may not know my favourite gun that i have ever shot is a STEYR Lg100 not for evryone again.
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