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Originally Posted by holly View Post
It is all flannel mate . smoke and mirrors .experts ,sexperts . all you need is a decent scope and experience and practice . you will not do any better with a three grand scope than you would with a three hundred pound scope . don't put the scope next to the barrel for FT . that is for HFT .get some risers and lift the scope ( and the cheek piece ) three and a half inches from the barrel . line of sight to line of flight . this will flatten the trajectory further out where you need it most . admittedly it makes it a bit harder close in . but easily sorted . then just practice . i have not missed a target for range in years . ??? HOLLY
For once Holly is not talking total B********s the bit where he said all you need is a decent scope and experience and practice is pretty much on the money you do need good optics but that will not make you a champion, i used to shoot with a guy called John Brisco and he would go to the club to practice he would sit and range find rather than just throwing lead down range after all if you have not got a pretty good idea as to how far a target is you ARE only throwing lead down range.Mr P
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