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Went to Italy in 2008 for the World Benchrest Championships, went for the ride really so wasn't paying much attention to all the paperwork. Flew Easy Jet and it was easy going out, coming home was more difficult as you had to go to the police station in the airport where we were kept waiting till the bitter end to the point we thought we had missed our flight until they checked our kit and sent us on our way with the necessay stamped forms.

You are right as our kit is sub 12ft/lb and not subject to certification you can not get a EFP for it so you merely get a manafacturers letter stating the serial no. of the rifle and the fact it was made sub 12ft/lb it really is that easy.

You need an invite from the sporting body that will allow you to temporarily import the specific rifle/rifles and seperately import ammunition(includes inert air pellets) maximum 1000 rounds.Some fancy letter headed form will do I have found the one in triplicate that I had to fill in. Have all copies so I think I can only have presented them.

This years Euros were in the Czech Republic and the boys flew in the end mainly because of Germany but I think from memory someone who looked into it found away around it or it wasn't as bad as first thought.

As said before Carl Boswell is probably the man to contact.

Hobbit Army

Rick Ardern super low mounts ISP MK3 pellet launching platforms and Sightron 10 x 42mm telescopic sights.
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