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Originally Posted by Acki View Post
Good evening to all.

In Italy apply the same laws of Hungary and then the same should be sufficient import permit that you used to go to the worlds in Hungary. For the moment I can not give you precise instructions, inform the members of the Federal Council.

In the meantime, if you need you can use the specific section that we put at your disposal:

We will try to do our best to accommodate your requests and ensure everyone the opportunity to compete at the Worlds 2011

Regarding the request for clarification by David for points 1 and 2 to kindly ask Rob or who took part in the worlds in Hungary to send me private message in a copy of the permit to transport the rifle you have done for Hungary, of course not filled in or sensitive data is not visible, so we have to realize what you need.

Thank you all for your attention
Hi Acki,

We didn't provide the permits for Hungary, the Hungarians provided that. We have no permits or paperwork here for 12ft-lb airguns and cannot get an EFP at all.

Whatever permits are needed will have to be provided by italy. We will be able to provide serial numbers and a statement from the BFTA saying we are members, however there is no official documentation available in the UK for 12ft-lb airguns.
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