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Thanks to all the MVAC crew this was my favourite shoot in the last year that I have been shooting

Also I need to extend big thanks to Chris, Rik and of course Dink(for being supportive during my anguish), five lanes from the end disaster gun would not cock, after desperate attempts I shut my scope covers and prepared for retirement for the day. However coming off peg 30 Chris got me to check it again and woohoo it worked.

That was not the end of it, after the trek back to peg 1 all in position and it happened again, this time Rik to the rescue after I thought it must be a fault with the action and bolt Rik noticed the simple problem....the scope cover had slipped round during the day and was just stopping the bolt from coming all the way back

Don't I feel like a complete plank! - Can I claim that it was a new scope and I had not got completely used to it????

But thanks to all, what a great day.
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