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Default Lighting etc

To be honest, I dont look into the technical side of ft with the scopes, Im more the type of person if its does the job then Im happy, Ive stuck with a fixed 36 mag Weaver for the last 5 years and in the dark I have struggled with losing the ret sometimes. The quality of the optics are great but when you lose the ret theres not alot you can do about it. It has only ever happened a few times though. Mainly at Weston park at the Euros.

With the march, I havent had chance to shoot dark targets as yet but when I set the scope up it was getting dark up the club. The March even with limited light was so easy to set up due to the quality of the lenses and the ret being so easy to use and not to lose. Several people have said the ret is very fine
(MTR-1), compared to the weaver it is great to use.

On 80 mag the sight will be a bit darker just down to the amount of power your using. You can rangefind on any of the ranges on the scope and will be pretty damn close whichever you use. At Millride I used 80 mag on some of the targets and on the 2 kneelers when shooting them then.

Alot of it is down to the quality of the glass I dont care what anyone says to be fair. Fingers crossed the March scope will do me for a long time to come......

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