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well if your happy with them Holly I think thats the route I will take, the 40mm lens will help with the loading problem!

Have a real soft spot for the 77, my own started as a mk2, barrels trimmed down to 15" and I have made up an air stripper/muzzle weight/underlever catch out of stainless steel!
internally im using a 25mm piston I made with delrin bearings front and back in a late model 26mm compression tube, triggers been stripped and tweeked and a Rowan extra set back blade used to suit my hand position!
stocks a modified mk3 77 with adjustable butt pad and comb , hamster and reprofiled and lowered pistl grip and palm shelf!

just the finish on the metal work to do now and a scope, its shooting well allready doing 11mm ten shot groups at 40yds with mossies!
so far so good but the comps will be the real test!

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