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Originally Posted by Artfull-Bodger View Post
thats exactly the reason why I want a40-45mm scope Holly, I have hands like a mongolian pig strangler, at present I have a Viper 8-32x60 on it for testing (hatefull scope) and I can barely get my shovells in to load it!

how do you get on with the Bushnell?
The funny thing about the bushnel is that it comes in on the ranges on the objective lens . never had that on any scope . bit dark on 32 mag , yes . but range on that turn it down to 20 to shoot on and nothing better . and light to . i have an early 77 a sandwell sports tuned version .with muzzle brake the lot . one of our lads lance a bit of a dab hand with springers . took it home and got his dremmel out and cut the loading port down to the CS700 stock that was on it .get my pinky in there now , no problem . by the way he said by looking at the work done . he thought it a better job than the v-mach ??? HOLLY PS and i will say it looks the nuts
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